School of Data Radio Episodes

School of Data Radio project is meant to run for sixteen [16] weeks on air after which other additional resources will be shared here on our website or our social media platforms on twitter and facebook.

Our episodes are split into weeks starting on 28th September 2016 till 11th January 2017. And the episodes are lsited below. You can follow us as we will be tailoring our radio programmes to the episodes and weeks below;

Week 1: What are Data and Data Pipelines?

Week 2: Finding Data Portals useful to West Africa (with reference to the Global index)

Week 3: Working out what’s interesting in a data set or portal

Week 4: Introduction to Data Cleaning

Week 5: Extracting Data from PDFs and Web Pages

Week 6: Mapping and online Geocoding

Week 7: Categorizing and Referencing data

Week 8: Working with country budget data

Week 9: Starting stories from Data

Week 10: Asking for more data

Week 11: Making data pretty

Week 12: How government data is used in the media

Week 13: Visualizing your data.

Week 14: Leveraging on data to start your social enterprise

Week 15: Some Jargons in the Science of Data

Week 16: The Global Data Communities you can join

The radio program is scheduled  to hold every Wednesday on Amplified Radio from 1:00pm to 1:45pm.

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